Little Bit's Saga

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Little Bit is a good dog who has had more than her fair share of problems.  She has had to deal with:

bulletEmergency surgery to remove bladder stones
bulletTwo ACL repairs
bulletTwo broken teeth

The pages following the Cancer Story link are from her journal which she started December 11, 2004 and ended August 27, 2006.  Little Bit did so well with chemotherapy and we sincerely hope that other dogs and their people find inspiration in her words.  She made so many good friends along the way.  She was such an important part of our lives and she will be so missed. 

She was asked to write a guest column for the Animal Care Clinic's electronic newsletter.  If you are interested, you can read her submission here.

Thank you Seth, Steve and Craig!!!

Little Bit takes it all in stride.

Mmm, purple bear.