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"Bath Time" by J. HavensWhy do alpha dogs get all excited about clean dogs.  During my walk today (which was too dang early, thank you very much), the boss man kept saying how excited he was to be having clean dogs soon.  When the boss ma'am comes home from work, she will undoubtedly be happy too.  Me, Lyle, we are sulking.  It is no fun getting bathed.  They say, what a wonderful gift to have clean dogs.  We say, what a wonderful gift to smell just the way we worked so hard to be. 

Okay.  That is enough of the negative stuff.  I am a dog after all, and dogs are well known for being good natured. 




The good news for today (unless you are a people, in which case it is more good news) is that the bosses can no longer feel any lumps.  I am not having any difficulty with my chemo, but thankfully, my cancer is.  I know I've said it before, but it is okay to repeat.  Die cancer. Die!  The boss ma'am read a book (the other boss is reading it now) called Help Your Dog Fight Cancer:  An Overview of Home Care Options by Laurie Kaplan.  It said that 80% of dogs go into remission and that 5 to 10% actually get cured.  I sure hope that means I'll be keeping my journal for a long, long time.

Well, I'm going to be away from my computer for Christmas.  Summer, 6/6/92 - 11/10/04I'm braving the cold and going to Wisconsin.  I like to visit my extended pack, but I'll be very sad because my friend Summer is no longer there.  She passed away back on November 10, 2004.  She was a VERY good dog and I will miss her. 

Merry Christmas!

Little Bit (the good clean dog)

P.S.  If you are a bad person and are reading this, I asked my neighbor dogs to keep an eye and nose on things while I'm away.  Also, I'll have the security system activated so my toys and treats are safe.