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Good morning.The boss ma'am's parents with Lyle and me.

Yesterday my boss ma'am's parents came to visit me.  I really enjoy their company plus, Bob brought a big container of smoked and shredded pork for me.  I didn't realize that they were bringing gifts otherwise I would have got something for them.  And if that wasn't good enough, he is making a breakfast pastry for me as I type.  I hope I don't have to share!

Do they like the rain?Of course, there is a down side to their visit.  Yesterday morning, it is sunny and beautiful.  As it got closer and closer to their arrival, there were more and more clouds in the sky until it was finally raining.  I don't understand why it has to be that way while they are here.  I think that they would enjoy Lexington more if they didn't bring the rain with them.

Well, I've got to run.  I think breakfast is just about ready for me.

Little Bit