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Happy Birthday Boss Ma'am!

I'm going to keep it simple today.  I was thinking that today I would just let the pictures do the talking.  Boss ma'am, I love you.  Happy Birthday.

Little Bit

P.S.  Sorry Mr. Lyle-I think that maybe I was a little sassy yesterday.

Just a puppy. I'd be smiling too if I had cake! vroom You and K.C. look like you got along so well when you were little. I'm glad you moved on to real dogs, boss ma'am. Boss ma'am was here (before she was my boss though). I'll eat that for you!  Or at least roll around on it. Veeva sure sounds like she was a good dog! Again I say "vroom" Wow!  The boss man used to have  a lot of hair on his head! I guess working on your birthday is a trend. Wow!  Are you lucky that you didn't get eaten! Thanks for sharing boss ma'am. My two favorite bosses. Being held is great, but how about some food.   I thought we were supposed to be looking at the camera for this. Keeping me happy even if I am not always the focus of your attention. Snuggle buddies. NOT spoiled dogs.  We made room for your boss ma'am. Happy Birthday Boss Ma'am!!!!! I love you!!!!