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I just wanted to give you all fair warning.  If you bought stock in Dairy Queen because of my patronage, it might be time for you to sell. 

I've mentioned before my fondness for Butter Burgers, fried cheese curds and frozen custard from Culvers.  Well my friends, I'm so happy to report that I will no longer have to endure long car rides in order to indulge.  Not only are they building here in Lexington, but they are building TWO here in Lexington.  A new construction in Bowling Green will round out their long awaited arrival to Kentucky.  All I can say is don't be alarmed if I start suddenly putting on a lot of weight.  Mmmm, Butter Burgers.  Mmmm, fried cheese curds.  Mmmm, frozen custard.  I can almost feel my arteries hardening already!I'll need lots of walks to keep this slim figure.

So when last I wrote, I had mentioned that my bosses finally gave up trying to get me to eat dog food.  I had lost over ten percent of my weight and I was, shall I say, unenergetic.  Well, after a week of sharing meals with the bosses, I am happy to report that I am feeling SO MUCH better.  Also, my bumps are a bit smaller (thanks to the CCNU).  A week from today I'll start with my new protocol (l-asparaginase then Adriamycin the following Monday).  Even after my taste buds get back to normal and my bumps are completely gone (Die cancer!  Die!), the bosses have another thing coming if they think I'll be going back to my C/D.  Or any other dog food for that matter. 

Well, speaking of food, I should really run.  I'm feeling a little grumbly in my tummy and I think I'm getting some tuna tonight. 

Have a great weekend!

Little Bit