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Why does everything have to taste so bad?Good morning!

So yesterday was Side Effect day for me.  It mostly isn't too bad for me and it happens three to four days after my Adriamycin injection. 

I had a bit of an unhappy stomach and I had a hard time getting comfy.  Also I had little energy.  But worst of all, food didn't taste good. 

Imagine how it would be to look forward to something so much (like peanut butter for instance) and knowing how yummy it is going to taste.  Then instead of tasty-tasty peanut butter, it seems like you instead got a mouth full of ashes.  That's kind of what it is like.

The good news is that it only lasts a short time.  By bed time yesterday, my taste buds were back to normal.  Oh, and I can't forget the best news about it is that it is killing cancer cells.  And that, my friends, is what it is all about.

Well, I'm off to mooch for some breakfast.  Have a great day!

Little Bit

P.S.  Cowskin with the Pigskin baby!  Go Pack!