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Looking good, boss ma'am!The boss man was reminding me the other day that the boss ma'am has a birthday coming up.  Can you believe that she is going to 231 this year?!?  I somehow always that that 231 would look older (I mean look at how gray I am and I am only pushing 57!), but I guess slow ageing is one of those things that most alpha dogs are blessed with.

So anyway, since the boss man retired, we have been letting the boss ma'am know how wonderful she is be celebrating every day of her birthday month.  Sometimes we give her cards or roses.  Sometimes candy.  Well, I'm sure that you get the idea.

But this year, the boss man tells me that the boss ma'am said that she doesn't need thirty-one reminders of how special she is.  I'm just not convinced...  I mean, she is quite amazing.Let's put our heads together, boss man, and come up with something good.

I'm sure the Lyle, the boss man and I will come up with something suitable (well, guess I'd be a little surprised if Lyle was much help).  We have three more days to work.

I've got to run.  Lunch is calling.  And it is calling VERY LOUDLY.


Little Bit