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Every dog I know deals with it differently.  Some roll around trying to rub it off on the carpet (a personal favorite).  Some pace around the house in loose figure eights (I like to call them Crazy Eights because the whigle is so crazy).  Some even find ways to get their bosses to give them (gasp!) baths.

Sulking is one of my ways.They always seemed to be able to find me...When I was a puppy, I would do anything I could possibly think of to avoid it.  I would hide.  I would run away.  You see, those were the "good ole days" when my kibble bowl was always full and I was able to eat at my leisure.  Oh, I remember the games we used to play.  When I would snub my food for a couple of days in a row, the bosses would make it more interesting for me by doing things like spelling out words with my food (that is where I learned how to read and write you know).  Anyway, I digress...

5-13-02...The day my life changed forever!Sonic the hedgedog here.Now in the 3rd year A.L., I don't have such luxuries.  I need food.  I need it bad.  I've become a food junkie.  Pat McCurdy has a song that is quite fitting, but since this is a family website, I won't say anymore.  I even know it is coming.  The boss man butters me up with a beefy flavored (Mmmm, beefy) Hartguard.  It always comes first.  Still, I can't help myself.  Then the boss man hits me with the sticky stuff.

I know how you feel Lyle.

They say it is for our own good.  They make it seem like we would become infested if we skipped even a month.  Don't add insult to injury by laughing at us behind our backs!But then they go and add insult to injury and laugh at us behind our backs.  Don't you think we see you?  Poor Little Bit.  Poor Lyle. 

On a happier note, today is the first day of the boss ma'am's birthday month.  Oh, how I love boss ma'am. 

Well I've got to run.  It is time for me to have a little something-something.  Mmmm, kibble.   I wish it were always supper time....

Little Bit