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A dogs work is never done.

Now, everyone knows that I'm a good dog.  Well, maybe some people only remember me as a young puppy, they might not realize what a good dog that I am now. 

Anyway, because I am such Sometimes petting just doesn't cut it.a good dog (oops,  I wrote god there, not once, but twice-maybe I am a little full of myself) that I feel I deserve certain rewards.  Today for instance, I was busy protecting the house from the dangers of the world.  The bosses wondered what they could do to properly express their gratitude.  They decided to give me a little petting.  Well, of course, getting petted is very good.  It is important bonding time between a dog and her alphas.  It is just that sometimes a dog hungers for a little something more.  Sometimes what she needs is a shredded beef burrito!

Now I know that it is not always practical to give a dog everything she feels she needs.  I know that Qdoba isn't open twenty-four/seven.  But when you are there anyways what can your excuse possibly be???  Well, I'm waiting???Boss man, why didn't you bring me a burrito?

Okay, okay, enough belly aching.  I know I'll be getting a little something I like to call supper very soon.

The good news of the day is that I am feeling very well after my tooth extraction last week.  In fact, if you didn't look really close, you would never notice the slight swelling that I still have.  But most importantly, I am able to eat without any pain.  What a relief that is.  I me, really.  Eating is probably just about the most important part of my day.  I'm glad that it doesn't hurt.  I'm hoping that by Monday or Tuesday, I'll be back to eating carrots for breakfast.  Certainly I should be able to have a little cow skin with the pig skin next weekend.  It would be unthinkable to be sidelined for the biggest game of the year.

Well, it is a little PAST dinner time.  I have to run.

Little Bit